Your Majesty, the Kings Canyon Northern Territory, Australia

Equally far from Alice Springs as Uluru and Kata Tjuta lies the truly majestic Kings Canyon.


The Rim Walk

A short and easy walk leads, not very far, into the canyon. Much better however, and really amazing is the walk along the canyon’s rim. On days when the temperature exceeds 36°C, a part of the trail is closed so a visit in the cooler months almost guarantees that you can walk the whole loop. The walk is absolutely stunning and was one of the highlights of our road trip through Australia.


After a steep ascent, you reach the top of the canyon. We thought we’d “just” walk along the canyon’s rim but no: What you find on top of the canyon is a world on its own. Stone formations, gorges, trees and flowers, animals and waterholes. The diversity of plants you encounter on the walk is amazing. There are even four hundred years old prehistoric palm trees. What? Really. And all that combined with fantastic views of the canyon and its crazy cliffs and the plains below.


Kings Canyon First!

I dare say that the Kings Canyon, not Uluru, should be first on your Red Centre bucket list. It’s definitely the more impressive sight. And the walk is just wonderful. Nothing against Uluru, but maybe we’ve just seen one or two pictures too many of it so that it can really surprise us. That’s different with the Kings Canyon: It’s so huge, no picture can really capture its greatness.

A canyon on top of the canyon

The only downside is that there’s no cheap accommodation near the canyon. The only two campsites far and wide are badly overpriced. At one of the two we filled our thirsty van with Australia’s most expensive fuel – just enough to make it to the next reasonably priced petrol station. Then we drove until, not too far from the canyon, we found a free campsite. A nice spot, protected from the wind and a good place to spot dingoes.


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