Semporna: Ocean Life Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Google “Pulau Bohey Dulang” and you’ll see why we absolutely wanted to go to Semporna. Semporna itself is an ugly place. It’s that forgotten place in the outermost corner of the country, it’s dirty and full of rubbish and children beg in the streets – something we haven’t seen anywhere else in Malaysia. How to Get to…

Kinabatangan Cruisin’ Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Wildlife Spotting in Borneo A great place to spot wildlife in Sabah is along the Kinabatangan river, the second longest river in Malaysia. Actually, the reason why there are so many animals, is a sad one: They have been pushed ever closer to the river by logging and clearing of forest for palm oil plantations….

Sepilok: All About Orang-Utans Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Endangered Orang-Utans Orang-utans, native only to Borneo and Sumatra, are endangered due to habitat loss (because of logging and palm oil plantations), poaching, and the illegal pet trade. Until it’s seven to ten years old, an orang-utan baby depends heavily on its mother and if the mother dies, the baby is likely to perish as well….

Kinabalu: A Walk in the Park Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Kinabalu National Park Pristine rainforest still exists in Borneo, for example in Kinabalu National Park. The park encompasses Mt Kinabalu, the island’s highest peak and a popular destination for hikers from all over the world. In order to climb Mt Kinabalu during high season in July and August however, it’s necessary to book a spot…