Karlu Karlu: Where the Devil Dropped His Marbles Northern Territory, Australia

Karlu Karlu, or the Devils Marbles (yes, without an apostrophe. Really.) are huge granite boulders that are of great cultural and spiritual significance to the Aboriginal people of the area.


After hours of driving through flat, never-really-changing landscape, the boulders come as a real surprise. Huge pieces of rock strewn over a big area rise from the plains. Some almost perfectly round, others cut in half like an orange cut with a sharp knife, some by themselves, again others piled on top of each other forming strange figures. This place just calls to be explored and the boulders to be photographed from all possible angles!


A small trail leads around part of the site but you can walk on and on and find many more astonishing rocks; the place is huge and it’s beautiful. If you stop there just to break up a long drive north or south (the only two options) or if you want to stay, watch the sunset, and maybe even spend the night at the foot of the rocks, it’s a worthwhile stop.


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