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Hi and welcome to our travel blog!

We are Hossam and Sabine, a Syrian-Swiss couple. We’ve always loved traveling and traveled as often as our jobs and studies permitted. Our dream, however, was to travel around the world, for as long as possible (or for as long as we wanted to keep on traveling). In 2015, we felt that now the time had come to leave everything behind and to embark on a long trip. We quit our jobs, sold our car, cleared out our apartment and got rid of most of our stuff, and bought a one-way ticket to Argentina, the first destination on our trip around the world.

Traveling isn’t always easy and of course there are things we miss but the good things far outweigh the bad ones and it has been so much fun and we’ve seen so many amazing things and been to so many stunning places, we just want to keep on going. Quitting everything and stepping into the unknown seems difficult and scary at first but actually it’s really easy and so incredibly liberating and, for us, it has been the best thing we could’ve done!

Our trip around the world lasted exactly 15 months and took us to 35 countries on six continents. Now we’re settled again – more or less – but our love for traveling persists and we’ve still got the travel bug, it’s deep inside us (and unlikely to ever let us go) and we will keep on traveling with as much enthusiasm as ever.

On our blog we write about places we’ve been to and provide tips and advice regarding destinations and traveling in general. If you have any questions, need travel advice or tips, or a little encouragement to start your own world trip, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope you enjoy our blog! If you’d like to see more pictures from our travels you can do that on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Happy reading!

Hossam & Sabine

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